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7th Feb 2010 - Lots of news:

28th May 2007 Updated colours on the background, to make it easier to read.
October 2006 Sorry for not updating. Not much Porcini news anyway, except for the 2003 9 Lazy 9 album, Sweet Jones.

I did put up an enhanced version of this site, in black colouring using CSS, but it got lost somehow. Maybe one day I will do another revamp.

July 2002

Funki Porcini's long-awaited new album, Fast Asleep, released. The CD comes with a DVD.

Also, rumours have it that 9 Lazy 9 are working on a new album, to be released on Ninja Tune.

March 2001 Interviews section added.

Jan 2001 The Porcini Mushroom launched.

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Funki Porcini (born James Bradell) has so far released three solo albums, which were all generally well received by critics. His music has unfortunately not broken into the mainstream, perhaps because it is too instrumental for radio airplay.

When I could not find a detailed Funki Porcini website, I decided to make my own. It is nowhere near complete yet, but the discography is almost finished. Most of the items in the discography are reviewed.

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